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My Hands Are Up

Does life ever feel like a series of words and rules? Walk this way, talk like this, behave one way here and another way there…Do you ever want to through your hands up in the air and say I’m done? We may not all have those days but I’m thankful that when I personally have them and I throw my hands up in the hair, my Heavenly Father is there to grab hold of them to remind me of my commitment and love I have for Him and then life seems to become just a tad bit easier. Sometimes I pack my schedule with so much to be that woman that people want to look up to that I become overwhelmed and I begin to slip in the areas I once soared in. I’m learning that God is ok if we are really good at one or two things instead of us only half-heartedly putting forth effort in numerous activities and groups. Colossians 3:23 continually hits a chord in my life. It says, “Whatever you do, do your work heartedly as for the Lord rather than for man.” As I’m trying to save the world I need to remind myself it’s not about the accolades I want people to praise on me while on Earth, but the work I am doing I am only able to do because the Lord Jesus gave me life. And everything I am doing I need to be doing to praise Him and to show others just how majestic the God I serve is.


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