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Back to Bed

Have you ever woken up on the “wrong side” of the bed? There are those mornings where a cup of coffee just can’t seem to jumpstart your day. And what is worst are the days where you have no plans and therefore spend hours upon hours contemplating over whether you can complete this program-thinking about how life seems easier the way it used to be-instead of spending time in the Word of God.

In all honesty as hard as it may be I know the life I am living now pales in comparison to the hardships and the darkness I once experienced and put those that I love through. I continually want things to come at a snap of a finger. But as I sat down during my quiet time with God I read about two of God’s many names. God is something different to each of us depending on the circumstance but through the desire to finally study God’s Word, His names are much more than just a name we give Him.

The name Elohim refers to God’s power over our life and existence as a whole. The name Jehovah is about our relationship with God. I continually want God to fix things in my life, to “move mountains” for me, to be that powerful God, to be Elohim, but as I sat here this morning with my cup of coffee I really had to think about how often I want Him to be my Jehovah. Do I pray to Elohim and ignore Him when He is Jehovah trying to speak back into my life? Have I fully given God my heart’s desire to do with what He has planned for my life? I know the blog may be starting down the deep path, but this is where I was at this morning.


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