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A Glimpse at the Past as I Move Forward

Blog ShadowI am a woman. I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, but most importantly I was once lost. Just like everyone else my journey had a start and my start just happened to be with the addiction to meth. My intention was never to become one of those people you saw on television or one of those people your parents warned you about. It was a supposed mean to an end. It was supposed to dull the pain to help me to forget about the problems I could go on and on about. I was 15 and invincible – what could go wrong?

My blog may be a few years late (as a woman I’m still not always the first to announce my age in public) but who can really blog, share their journey, or even give that smidgen piece of advice at that age, especially since most of my free time was spent doing other recreational activities. My life isn’t something I want to define me but it’s a life that has made me into the woman I am today and for that reason I am thankful for this journey. My blog is a reflection of the past for me and a knowing of a great unknown for what my future will hold.


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